Its "Tee Time"

The Life Together Stakeholders Open

October 21, 2023

Glen Eagle Golf Course

About Us

The Life Together is a nonprofit that serves the Tri-State area and particularly Memphis, Tennessee. Life Together programming for youth, seniors, the incarcerated, and socially disadvantaged persons have benefitted the Memphis, Tennessee area for more than a quarter-century. During the drug epidemic of crack- cocaine in the late 1990’s Life Together, Inc conducted a take, “The Pledge Campaign,” against gangs, guns, drugs, and violence. Over 3000 youth and adults took the pledge and wore specially prepared T-Shirts that displayed the promise. Currently, the Final Escape Program for ex-offenders is headlining the nonprofit’s efforts. Having dedicated new facilities on 588 Vance Avenue, the Final Escape Program provides education, employment training, and rebuilding social skills for ex-offenders asserting never to go back to jail again.
The Life Together Stakeholders Open is a golf tournament that honors golfers both past and present. Our goal is to shine a light upon the old-timers that were denied, because of race, the right to play professional golf. Memphis has men and women of such gifted golfing abilities. Most are past their prime! It is these people the tournament will honor and raise funds to support the Life Together social programming as well.
The tournament will be conducted on October 21st at The Glen Eagle Golf Course, located in Millington Tennessee. Each of the 18 Tee boxes will bear the name of a past or present golfer who displayed excellence, ancillary support, and sustained undeniable love for the game. Keeping those names alive and remembered is very important.