March 12, 2019

Memphis, TN – Just got out of a very encouraging and informative meeting with Paul Young, director for the City of Memphis Division of Housing and Community Development.  Ken Moody was there representing Mayor Jim Strickland, along with Mari Albertson from Paul Young’s office.

We discussed Life Together, Inc. as a major stakeholder in the $250 million revitalizations of the South City project, which is right across the street from my church, Temple COGIC.

I told them I want to make sure Life Together’s programs and services are included in the decision-making process to better serve our community in the old Porter Gym.  We have secured the community and philanthropic  partners and have applied for hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants.  We are serious as a heart attack!!!

I said during the meeting: “We look forward to making these decisions together in the best interest of our community. Porter Gym is for the community, and we must have a seat at the table.” Paul Young and his team were very receptive and offered Life Together a promising future in South City.

Special thanks to Patricia Rogers for her fierce dedication to Life Together, Inc.

Bishop David Allen Hall,
Executive Director
Life Together, Inc.

Pastor, Temple COGIC
Presiding Prelate, TN Htqs. Jurisdiction

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Pervis Payne