Final Escape is a mentoring program designed to help ex-offenders get out and stay out of prison.  It is an outreach of the Life Together, Inc., a 501© 3 organization of Temple Church Of God In Christ and is established as an extension of Temple Prison Ministry.  It will provide a curriculum to inspire and motivate both male and female ex-offenders to explore the concepts of authentic manhood and authentic love respectively. This program is designed to revolutionize their lives while providing emergency re-entry care (food, clothing, hygiene items, bus tickets, vouchers for housing, referrals for life skill classes, job readiness training, and employment opportunities).  The goal of Final Escape is to equip the ex-offenders to get out and stay out of prison, and to become productive citizens as they experience a life together.

Yvonne D. Williams, Program Director

Bishop David Allen Hall, Executive Director

I Took the Pledge Campaign

A successful campaign launched by Life Together in the 90s with an incentive for youth to take a pledge and sign an agreement not to do or be involved in drugs, gangs and violence.  The program will develop drugfree networks among participants including a “Youth Advisory Leadership Board” to help youth avoid the use of alcohol and drugs and to achieve in school and life. An annual community festival, “I Took the Pledge,” will celebrate the accomplishments of youth.

Life Together, Inc.
672 S. Lauderdale Street | Memphis, TN. 38126
Contact: Bishop David Allen Hall